What is it?

Résidence Les Buissonnets offers an urban-cosmopolitan yet eco-friendly and sustainable living experience in Mauritius. The project aims to be a residence for the elderly who need to be assisted, coupled with a frail care unit for those whose health requires medical support. Residents will have the opportunity of being part of the greater community, as participants and not as spectators.

The project reaches out to retirees looking for a certain level of security, support and quality care. Résidence Les Buissonnets is a project approved by the Economic Development Board (EDB) under the Economic Development Board (Property Development Scheme) Regulations 2015.

Where is the residence situated?

Résidence Les Buissonnets will be built on a portion of freehold land of 7100 sqm situated in Forest Side, close to George V Stadium, at the corner of La Croix and General Decaen Streets, not far from Curepipe city centre and motorways M1 and M2.

Who are the promoters?

The promoters and shareholders are the Gérard De Rosnay family.

What are the different types of apartments available?

The complex comprises studios and apartments of one or two bedrooms respectively.

What are the furnishing arrangements?

The apartment will be equipped with bathrooms adapted for the elderly and American type kitchenettes. Residents will be invited to bring their own furniture, although a choice of custom furniture would also available. Special medical beds may also be made purchased.

Will the apartments be air-conditioned?

The necessary ducting and electrical connections will be pre-installed to accommodate split unit air conditioners. At the request of a resident, Résidence Les Buissonnets will contract for their installation, on behalf of any resident wishing to avail him/her of this facility.

Who will look after the daily upkeep and maintenance of the apartments?

Services provided by Résidence Les Buissonnets will include the making of beds and daily cleaning of the apartments. Household maintenance, including minor repairs, fixing of picture frames and other objects like shelves to walls in the apartments will be carried out by the Residence’s maintenance team, against payment for the cost of intervention.

What happens if we have a power cut?

Within seconds of a power outage, the standby generator of the residence will step in to provide electricity to the common areas and essential services. We aim to supply minimum lighting, television, refrigerators and hot water to the apartments during a power outage.

What happens if I need emergency assistance?

All apartments will be provided with an easy accessible panic button connected to the specialized medical unit of the Residence for immediate medical assistance.

What security measures will be in place?

24/24 hours security will be available to cover the complex, together with CCTV monitoring.

Will communication and I.T. facilities be available?

Each apartment will be provided with cabled connections to ensure the provision of telephone communication, television reception and 24 hours wifi, as payable services.

What are the living facilities that will be available?

The Residence will provide 24 hours concierge service from reception, an open plan lounge and a other pleasant common areas comprising a library, games rooms and fitness centre. The dining room and room service will also cater for pre-booked visitors. Laundry service and 24h/24h emergency medical assistance.

What are the costs associated to the leasing of my apartment?

A once off lease registration duty and Notary fees. An annual fee, monthly service fee and food levy.

Shall I be able to sub-let my apartment?

Apartments can be sub-let to residents aged 50 or above. Résidence Les Buissonnets intends putting in place a rental pool service to facilitate sub-letting.

What control shall I have on the monthly service charge and food levy?

The monthly charges and levy will be indexed to the CPI and be subject to an annual review, subject to a minimum increase of 5% per annum.

Will it be possible to keep pets on the premises?

Unfortunately, for reasons of good hygiene and tranquility of other residents, no pet will be allowed on the premises.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the building.

Will it be possible to cook on the premises?

Residents will be authorized to install light equipment such as microwaves, convection ovens, toasters and refrigerators, for food warming and food conservation, in their kitchenettes. Electric or gas stoves and hot plates for open cooking will not be allowed.

Will it be possible for my family and friends to visit me?

Visitors, friends and family will always be welcomed. We shall do our best to make lounge areas available to your guests. Should they wish to share a meal with you, pre-booking in the dining room or room service will be possible We shall also accommodate special functions for private cocktails and/or anniversary celebrations.

Will it be possible to engage in social/special activities?

Résidence Les Buissonnets will do its level best to promote interaction among residents and key personnel around lounges, libraries, games rooms and a fitness centre. The Residence will regularly organize special events and outings to which all residents will be invited to participate.

What do I have to do if I need to attend religious service or decide to go shopping?

Transport facilities will be available on set days and at set times for visits to specific drop off and pick up points. In addition, an a la carte taxis service will be available on call, during normal opening hours.

Will it be possible for me to retain the services of my family doctor?

At the time of initial admission, Résidence Les Buissonnets will establish a medical protocol with each resident and/or his legal representative /family doctor in order to favour a good medical follow up, under the aegis, where applicable, of the family doctor who will, at all times, be able to visit his patient at the Residence, if the later so wishes.

Will I be able to retain the services of a dedicated carer if I need special assistance?

Any resident requiring temporary or full time medical assistance will have to avail him/ herself of the assistance of the part time or full time carers from Résidence Les Buissonnets. External interventions will not be permitted, for administrative reasons.

Will I be able to garage my car on the premises?

A number of secured parking slots will be available for use by residents.

Will the Residence ensure that I receive my mail?

The Residence will arrange for mail or parcel delivered to the residence in the name of a resident to be delivered to his apartment. The Residence however reserves its right not to accept or to seek prior confirmation from the resident in case the object(s) so delivered appear(s) to be suspicious, outsized or not in line with normal courier.

5257 9369


Vanessa Camoin
E: vcamoin@orpi.mu

A: Forest Side, Curepipe
E: info@buissonnets.mu
W: www.buissonnets.mu


Vanessa Camoin
E: vcamoin@orpi.mu

A: Forest Side, Curepipe
E: info@buissonnets.mu
W: www.buissonnets.mu


5257 9369